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Updates, updates...<3

Hi girls, I just saw this on the Indigo Blue board:

A message from Marc:
"It is now over a month since my motorcycle accident and finally it seems that many of the darker days of the ordeal are hopefully behind me. Also, this is the first time that I have been able to leave any kind of personal message. Without going into the gorier aspects of the accident, I have pieced it together from friends and witnesses, though much of it remains a blank for me.

I have eternal thanks to so many people who have helped me through the accident. I want to thank all the doctors and nurses who have done a brilliant job - they are too often undervalued in this world but not by me.

To all the artists, musicians and bands who sent their good wishes which has meant so very much. To my family and close friends who have been there throughout and have helped me through so much of the difficulties that we ordinarily take for granted, and to the fans from all over the world that have sent me so many fantastic messages of support and love. I am still overwhelmed. All these things together have helped me find an inner strength. I am grateful in so many ways for all the support - it has been a humbling and truly life changing experience.

Thanks also to Kate and Michelle who kept me informed as much as possible and the messages they passed onto me lifted my spirits, which at times have been very low. I know it will be quite a while before I'm back to normal, though hopefully it won't be as long as thought before.

Eternal thanks and love
Marc Almond"

Lovely to hear from him, isn't it?
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Thank God for that :o)

That's really cheered me up! <3 him :o)

Thanks for posting it.

Hi all!
Does anyone know how Mr.Langthorne is?
As far as I know he was involved in that accident, too, and now -- does anyone know about his condition? I haven't seen anything about him.
I've been told that he is okay as well. Apparently he's at another hospital, with bad leg injuries, but aside from that, he is fine.
Thank you for your news!

And -- how different are the things I hear from different people!

I know the girl who was talking to Marc (by phone, last week), but she did not understand quite well what really had happened to Mr.Langthorne (cause she was surely interested in Marc, only): and she told about injured hand (not leg), and that although his physical condition was quite OK, he was something like depressed... Do you know how badly he is injured? Such big men often suffer more than the others...
I don't know any more, sorry.
I don't know much about M.L at all, really, so I wouldn't have a clue!
Well, maybe someone else knows... ;-)

And, THANK YOU, once again! :)