snowflake girl (cobweb_grey) wrote in theroombelow,
snowflake girl

Fanfics. Come on, own up.

Nobody posts here anymore, and that just makes me sad.

So, come on, people.
Own up.
Have any of you ever written Marc Almond FANFICS??

Admit it. Fanfics are painfully embaressing, yet horribly addictive & fun to read!

Have any of you got some hidden somewhere?
I KNOW some of you have....... ;)

Yeah, I had a Soft Cell fanfiction (unfinished!) once upon a time.
It was called "This Last Night" (how original) and was, basically, to put it bluntly...Marc & Cindy Ecstacy porn.
I don't have it anymore, sadly(!), as it's on my old DEAD computer...but...I remember the plot, if it could be called one...
Marc and Cindy argue.
Then Cindy gives Marc some drugs.
Marc and Cindy stop arguing
and do things!
Such a wonderful plot. Really, I should win a prize.
It included such classic lines as;
"It's probably off you, you hairy bitch!"
and "Piss off, you tiny little sleazeball!"
Dave Ball also features. He says but one line;
"Fuckin' 'ell."
Then dissapears again.
Wow...I'm just so amazing I could explode.
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