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07:41pm 13/06/2006
  after my last post, i got several comments about "This Last Night in Sodom", the soft cell record that i've somehow missed.

but now i'm really curioso.

SO can anyone help a marc-lovin' sista out and upload anything off the album for me to listen to??


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01:39am 11/06/2006
  my favorite album would probably be non-stop erotic cabaret, but doesn anyone else like cruelty w/o beauty? i've been hooked on it this week.  

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12:24am 28/03/2006
  is there some r&b/pop song right now that has the tsainted love theme playing in the background the entire time? do you guy know what i'm talking about- the lyrics are something like "SOS please someone help me... hold me close, cus i'm your tiny dancer"
it might just be my imagination but after beyonce usage of stevie's edge of seventeen as the beat to bootylicious you never know
xoxo love you all, love marc

-megan ruth

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02:17am 14/09/2005
  just joined- My name's Megan & I've been in need of a place to be girlie about Marc.

I am the only Mac fan that I know so I never get the chance to do so. (well actually, I do but no one gets it so it's just no good) I've tried to turn several people onto Marc with no luck. I get a lot of "I can't stand his voice" & "he's tone deaf", haha.
& That's strange to me b/c I think he has the most beautiful voice of them all.
just finished Tainted Life.
My favorite album would be non-stop erotic cabaret.
but my favorite marc song: The Sea Says or Martin.

So, Hello.

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x-posted like, everywhere. 
11:19pm 23/07/2005
  Hello everybody.
I'm sorry this is a little off-topic, but, I'm trying my best to promote my book, Rose Petal Tea, which is set in the 80s, focusses on homosexuality, the AIDS virus, and was very much inspired by Marc's music!

It's kinda large, so click here!Collapse )

I'm beginning to worry that it's not selling enough copies, which is bad considering I'm like, £600 in debt (probably more actually!), I have no job, and I have a lot of events coming up that require money...hense this promotion.

It could be that Indigo Sky (my second, and largest, project) may not get made at all unless this first novel sells more, so if you can do ANYTHING to help, even if it's just passing out links, handing out flyers, putting posters up, word of mouth, seriously ANYTHING, it would be the hugest help! :heart:

(For information, as the poster tells you: http://www.myspace.com/rosepetaltea :D
And for a better synopsis, and a sample of the first chapter, visit: http://www.authorsonline.co.uk/New/Synopsis.asp?eBookID=407)

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Marc inspired novel 
10:26pm 23/03/2005
  I've not posted here much myself, have I?
I'm sorry about that.

I've been busy with this...
My debut novel, Rose Petal Tea, which is available to buy online (hense this post!)

This book was heavily inspired by Marc's music, and members of this community who are very big Marc fans who have read this book already have given it good praise...so why not see if it's for you? :)

For more info:

You can order the book for 9.99(UK)/14.95(US) via the following sites:

Or, alternatively, you can download it (at a price) as an e-book:

Thanks for your support in this novel, and sorry for the lack of updates- been incredibly busy with, sadly, non-fiction related work! :(

Please show your support by getting a copy as this book has been expensive to make and incredibly hard to promote, and if you are interested, then please, get a copy, or tell your friends. Every little helps, and I can't thank you enough :) <3


Updates, updates...<3 
05:03pm 19/11/2004
  Hi girls, I just saw this on the Indigo Blue board:

A message from Marc:
"It is now over a month since my motorcycle accident and finally it seems that many of the darker days of the ordeal are hopefully behind me. Also, this is the first time that I have been able to leave any kind of personal message. Without going into the gorier aspects of the accident, I have pieced it together from friends and witnesses, though much of it remains a blank for me.

I have eternal thanks to so many people who have helped me through the accident. I want to thank all the doctors and nurses who have done a brilliant job - they are too often undervalued in this world but not by me.

To all the artists, musicians and bands who sent their good wishes which has meant so very much. To my family and close friends who have been there throughout and have helped me through so much of the difficulties that we ordinarily take for granted, and to the fans from all over the world that have sent me so many fantastic messages of support and love. I am still overwhelmed. All these things together have helped me find an inner strength. I am grateful in so many ways for all the support - it has been a humbling and truly life changing experience.

Thanks also to Kate and Michelle who kept me informed as much as possible and the messages they passed onto me lifted my spirits, which at times have been very low. I know it will be quite a while before I'm back to normal, though hopefully it won't be as long as thought before.

Eternal thanks and love
Marc Almond"

Lovely to hear from him, isn't it?

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Helmet saved Marc's life. 
10:11am 19/10/2004

Some more news there.

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04:16pm 18/10/2004
  i am sure all of you have heard about Marc's terrible accident by this time.

his site has set up a special email address for anyone to send well wishes to, details are here.

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Sorry for the advertisement, BUT...you gotta do what ya gotta do. 
02:12pm 26/09/2004
mood: tired


A community based on glam, punk, kraut rock and new wave icons and banners.
Brand spankin' new!


Fanfics. Come on, own up. 
03:10pm 13/08/2004
  Nobody posts here anymore, and that just makes me sad.

So, come on, people.
Own up.
Have any of you ever written Marc Almond FANFICS??

Admit it. Fanfics are painfully embaressing, yet horribly addictive & fun to read!

Have any of you got some hidden somewhere?
I KNOW some of you have....... ;)

and then there was sex...Collapse )

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08:32am 22/06/2004
  That's right.... Why are we being TORTURED with all of the great events in the UK in July ?

I think it is patently unfair.

Please Marc come back to California....all is forgiven.......

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Icons for the fans. 
02:14pm 21/04/2004
mood: ditzy

1. Take
2. Don't credit if you don't want too
3. Share

More of Marc AlmondCollapse )</text>

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12:45pm 21/04/2004
mood: enthralled
Hey everyone! I'm a newbie, just joined and all (notice the site is..."sleeping" per say) I got into Marc Almond just like...a few weeks ago...so I'm like a newbie newbie! LOL....that makes a lotta sense...

Anyways, He's pretty awesome, I plan to buy some of his records when I'm in Europe next month ('Cos that way I'll get my dad to buy for me...and they'll probably be slightly cheaper)

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snakey goodness. 
04:15pm 18/04/2004
  I'm making myself a Mambas mixtape, so here's a random question...
What are your favourite Mambas songs?
I think mine are probably "First Time" (listening to it right now), "Your Aura" and maybe the weird guitar version of "Untitled" I have a copy of from one of Marc's Almeida concerts. Yes.
I like the Mambas. I want to get a tattoo to do with them.

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11:07am 25/03/2004
  I am a DJ - I am what I playCollapse )  

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dum da dum. 
08:48pm 26/01/2004
  Ok I know this is a boring question, but still...

My Marc Almond collection is not complete, I am missing few cd's and can't seem to find them anywhere. To be more precise, I'm missing Untitled, Jacques and Fantastic Star. I was wondering if you happen to know any online store that is still carrying them?

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12:31am 23/01/2004
mood: cold
Just thought I'd say hi. I'm new and all. And not even a girl. But a huge fan anyway.

(pictures of me),

Jari from freezing Helsinki

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i want i want i want 
11:03am 16/01/2004
  glamerama screenshots.



04:28pm 03/01/2004
found some recent pics...
enjoy, girlies!
for happy kittens.

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